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Silver Rose Bakery


We are Silver Rose Bakery. A locally owned private kitchen bakery operated by bakers Priscilla and Michael Sweet. We specialize in social bite-sized treats and wedding cakes. We also provide dessert catering for bridal showers, bachelor parties, anniversary celebrations, and baby showers.

How we work
Your wedding is unique to you both. From your design, location, and taste, which represent memories of your relationship, come important foundations for your cake/dessert table. We believe the dessert Must complete your “journey of us” in all three aspects. That is why we’ll:

  • Capture the magnificence of your wedding plans.
  • Provide you flavors to mix and explore.
  • Develop new recipes or even take your recipe to new heights.
  • Draw out your dessert experience as it would compliment your wedding grandeur.
  • Be there every step of planning to provide you dessert ideas, cake options, and more..
  • On the day of your wedding we will deliver, not only your desserts, but on our promise to complete your “journey of us”!

To be a bit forward, we may be a married couple with the last name Sweet, but our outstanding service is devoted towards satisfaction. It is true! Read our reviews online. We also understand that wedding planning is challenging. We are experienced in not only baking and cake cutting but also in making your dessert decisions fun and easy. Like we said, it is about your satisfaction. Are you ready to make your wedding Sweet? Oh, and “mini is more fun…”


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