Jessy and Gabe

Old Town Wedding and Event Center

1. How did you two meet and how did he propose?: Gabe and I met 8 years before we were married. We met at a job during the summer of 2010. We worked at a Carwash-it was my first job and it was his side job. Since we worked closely with each other, we eventually began talking about our lives and interests, and found out we had much in common. I was training and aspiring to be a career firefighter and he had been a wild land firefighter, we both loved the same hobbies, we both had similar personalities-it was fate. The friendly talk began to evolve into more than that and we both took an interest in each other. Over the summer we became very close, but weren’t necessarily ready to enter into a relationship with each other. We both went our separate ways after the summer and back to our lives, but never forgot about each other. 8 years later, we were both getting out of the toxic places we had been in. We both were starting life fresh and looking forward to new beginnings. I looked him up on Facebook and found him-incidentally; he had looked me up months before only to learn that I was not available to enter a new relationship at the moment. He sent me a quick prayer and hoped I was happy.  After we reconnected, we fell in love and have been inseparable since.
2. Were you happy with the venue?: We loved our venue!! We are from Colorado and wanted to look for venues in Arizona because my grandmother lives there and would not have been able to travel out of state for a wedding. Unfortunately, the costs for venues in AZ are so much more than the cost for venues in CO. We looked for hours for something in our budget. I cam across this venue and sent them a message. After speaking to the owner, Josh, about the cost, tiers and what they could facilitate, we booked with them. When we went to tour the venue, it was so much better in person. The venue was BEAUTIFUL!! The vendors who work with the venue are all so nice and accommodating. They created our perfect wedding.
3. Describe the theme or color scheme of your wedding, and what you chose for your table setting at the reception: The color scheme for our wedding was pastel yellow and white. We had sunflowers and white roses as our flower décor. For our table settings, we had a glass bowl of white and clear pebbles with sunflowers sitting on top.
4. What piece of advice would you give other brides planning their big day? The only advice I could give other brides planning their wedding day is to not sweat the small stuff. We planned our entire wedding (décor, cake, catering, song list, guests) and spent hours and hours working on every little detail-only to find out that on that day, walking down the aisle, I didn’t notice a single decoration. There could have been no guests, no decorations, no cake and no music and I would not have noticed. All I saw was my groom waiting for me at the end of the aisle. It was like tunnel vision. I couldn’t really enjoy all of the details I put together until the pictures were developed. The day goes by too fast to worry about little things. Make it an unforgettable day no matter what happens.

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