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Phoenix Wedding Venues

Wedding venues in Phoenix are in the perfect location for both classic and modern weddings. With gorgeous and unique styles, as well as varied areas to set up both inside and outside weddings, they are the perfect locations for every couple! Talk with the wedding venue about your ideal wedding day plans, and discuss the ways in which you can use the space to fit your style. Discuss the details of your wedding, such as the guest count and budget, to ensure that the Phoenix wedding venue fits perfectly with your needs.

Many venues will offer extra services to help make your wedding stress-free and extra special! Talk with each Phoenix wedding venue about their services to help set up and clean up your decorations, tables and chairs, or even their services of spaces for the bridal party and groomsmen to get ready before the big day. Begin planning your dream wedding by contacting some of these fine Phoenix wedding venues!

Phoenix Wedding Planning Tips

Plan your Phoenix wedding with a reliable platform like our Venue Finder. Finding the perfect amenities, style, and spot has never been easier! Make sure you book your venue early too. With its gorgeous scenery and rich landscape options, Phoenix is well-loved by both locals and travelers, so avoid any unnecessary inconvenience by being an early bird.

Finding the Right Wedding Photographer & Videographer in Phoenix

Finding the best photographer and videographer that matches your needs and preferences can be challenging. However, you can work with the right professionals by checking the package inclusion and the number of photographers or videographers who will be present. Determine the coverage necessary for the wedding size and whether you need coverage for pre-wedding events or just the ceremony and reception.

Decorating a Phoenix Wedding  

Want to have the best decorations for your Phoenix wedding? Start by exploring various essential rentals. Then, look for the right florist in Phoenix. If you prefer DIY decorations, use items from your home, like beautiful pillows, chairs, and even rugs, create your own signage, and add some greenery and florals.

Ensuring the Best Guest Experience with Foods

Phoenix wedding venues won’t disappoint when it comes to the best wedding cake bakeries and caterers. Consider whether you want a particular catering vendor, so you can choose a venue without catering services, or if you prefer a package deal venue with catering and bar. Various creative cakes are also available, so do your research to find the style that matches your theme.

Pros & Cons of Hiring a Phoenix Wedding Planner

Hiring a Phoenix wedding planner means enjoying several benefits, like less stress and letting them handle everything, including your family’s input. Wedding planners also have a large network of vendors, stylists, wedding entertainers, and suppliers. You can trust that your wedding planner will save time on tedious tasks while you can relax and enjoy your perfect day.  

Day-Of Mechanics: Hair & Makeup 

Want to make sure you have the best hair stylist and makeup artist on your big day? Check reviews and ratings. Find out whether their previous brides and guests loved their looks, and make sure they’re always on time. Review their portfolios to get the best artist that matches your style, preferences, and theme.

What About Entertainment?

While celebrating your union, you’ll want your guests to have the best entertainment possible. Thus, find the perfect wedding band based on your theme, tone, and preferred genre of music. When choosing the site for the perfect entertainment, check if there’s enough space for your guests to sit, socialize, and dance to the music.

Consider Weather When Booking Your Phoenix Wedding Venue 

When choosing Phoenix wedding venues, factor in the weather. Check out the sunset times from previous years and predictions for the upcoming years. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you may want to avoid the summer heat in the middle of the day by offering some shaded areas for your guests. Most venues will have indoor areas, tents or other ways to help keep everyone a little cooler. Don’t miss the climate overview, including rainfall seasons and temperatures.

Traveling to Your Phoenix Wedding Venue

Traveling to Phoenix for that most-awaited destination wedding? Keep things easier for your guests by giving them travel recommendations. Make sure they all have the right addresses to your wedding and pre-wedding venues. Provide general directions, so they can quickly find the designated hotel.

Then, try reserving some rooms at the designated hotel, so your guests can enjoy cheaper rates when booking their rooms. Find out city traffic, rules, and other expectations to avoid being late to your own pre-wedding events!

Best Places to get Married in Phoenix

Phoenix wedding venues range from beautiful outdoor wedding venues to urban rooftop wedding venues. Phoenix Weddings are in the heart (and Capitol!) of Arizona, with so many wedding places in Phoenix to consider! From golf course wedding venues, rustic & ranch venues, wedding gardens, Tuscan and European wedding style locations or other phoenix wedding locations, you can find the perfect venue for your indoor or outdoor wedding and reception right here on this page of Phoenix Arizona wedding venues.

Country Club & Golf Course Wedding Venues in Phoenix

Several engaged couples choose these venues to host the ceremony and reception in one location, enjoy in-house catering and bar services, and maximize the golf club’s beautiful scenery for pre- or post-wedding photos. You can find various country club wedding venues in Phoenix that suit your needs and cater to your every desire, for the perfect day.

Garden & Greenery Wedding Venues in Phoenix

Some couples prefer garden weddings with lots of greenery to maximize spectacular views and backdrops, accommodate more guests, and hold their ceremony and reception in the same garden. Sometimes you need a backup plan in case of bad weather, and these venues have indoor seating to keep you and your guests dry without losing the garden aesthetic.  Fortunately, we have found several wedding venues with gardens in Phoenix that will exceed your expectations.

Hotel & Resort Wedding Venues in Phoenix

Hotel and resort wedding venues allow you to use the rooms before and after the wedding. It’s perfect for welcoming numerous guests too, with complete facilities and catering services. However, flexibility is limited when it comes to outsourcing entertainment or food, so having a venue that can provide everything together can be beneficial. Find hotel & resort wedding venues in Phoenix that match your needs and budget.

Industrial & Modern Wedding Venues in Phoenix

For those who enjoy the aesthetic found in a more hip and industrialized style of venue, then there are a plethora of industrial & modern wedding venues in Phoenix that are right up your alley. With all the possibilities for a modern or industrial look at your wedding you want to make sure it matches the vibe you’re looking for.

Luxury Wedding Venues in Phoenix

If your budget allows, then luxury wedding venues in Phoenix are ideal as they ensure unique, premium, and highly aesthetic settings with high-class complementary services and perks. With a luxury setting, you are sure to increase the glamor that is your perfect day and be the talk of the town!

Mansion Wedding Venues in Phoenix

If you want your wedding to be luxurious, romantic, elegant, and exclusive, then look no further than mansion wedding venues in Phoenix. You can expect a tranquil and intimate atmosphere with impressive architectural elements as your backdrop. Remember to book your dream Phoenix wedding venue early, as these types of venues are highly sought after. 

Moderately Priced Wedding Venues in Phoenix

Moderately priced wedding venues in Phoenix are perfect for those who are on a budget and have other financial priorities. Nevertheless, with proper research, you can still get a close-to-premium place with an affordable price tag. These venues provide just that, a beautiful and well planned event space without breaking the bank. 

Mountain & Desert View Wedding Venues in Phoenix

Mountain view wedding venues in Phoenix score high for offering unique and memorable sceneries. The nature element adds intimacy and intrigue to the event. These venues can provide picturesque settings but make sure to talk to the venue about the best dates and times for your wedding to avoid any weather that could dampen the amazing backdrop. 

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Phoenix

With outdoor wedding venues in Phoenix, you can enjoy multiple benefits like picturesque scenery, natural lighting, less necessary decor, and the ability to accommodate more guests. Outdoor weddings, no matter the setting, can be the perfect venue for anyone who is excited about being in the open air for their perfect day. In case of inclement weather, ask your venue if they have supplies such as tents to make sure you can stay outside and continue with your dream wedding without a hitch.

Rustic, Barn, and Farm Wedding Venues in Phoenix

If you’re into a rural countryside atmosphere, then rustic wedding venues in Phoenix are ideal for you. They offer a more romantic and engaging celebration as they’re often far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Some farm venues can even include your favorite animals in the background if you so desire!

Unique Wedding Venues in Phoenix

Unique wedding venues in Phoenix make your big day more memorable, romantic, and magical. Unique places aren’t always expensive, so you can book one without overspending. However, they’re often in high demand, especially the affordable choices. The best part about these venues is the uniqueness is just for you and your style, however you like it. 

Vintage & Historic Wedding Venues in Phoenix

There’s something about pre-modern periods that exude romance and spectacle. If you want your wedding to radiate such a vibe, then choose vintage wedding venues in Phoenix. Since some of these places are national treasures or landmarks, your wedding celebration may be subject to regulations and limitations that may compromise your plans, but the venue coordinators will have all the answers and solutions to make sure you have the best day on your most important date. 

All Inclusive Wedding Venues in Phoenix

With all inclusive wedding venues, you won’t have to book various vendors and services. They’re convenient and allow you to save time and money. Find out what’s included in the package and the price for add-ons to make sure you have everything you need to make your day perfect. Having everything included can be the biggest headache removed right from the start, allowing you to relax and know everything is taken care of on your big day.

DIY Wedding Venues in Phoenix

If you want total control over your wedding as well as the ability to add personal touches and save money, DIY wedding venues are perfect for you. The staff will be able to assist you with design placement of all your DIY decisions to make sure it looks just as you intended.

Waterfront Wedding Venues in Phoenix

Waterfront wedding venues offer natural and breathtaking backdrops. Whether it’s overlooking a beach or in the city, you can take lovely photos, enjoy the sunsets, and savor the romantic feeling of being by the water. Many people like the waterfront for the feeling of getting away, as if they are already on vacation and the guests are part of the honeymoon getaway. 

Globally Inspired Wedding Venues in Phoenix

Some people choose globally inspired wedding venues as they’re elegant and trendy but still unique. They inspire creativity and allow you to showcase a culture that’s close to your heart. This can be especially perfect if it is your culture. Maybe you can’t make it to the other side of the globe and include all your friends and family. This way the inspired setting comes to you.

Restaurant Wedding Venues in Phoenix

Restaurant wedding venues are perfect for couples who have a smaller number of guests and prefer specific cuisine. You can expect quality food and have that neighborhood feel. They typically have a big room dedicated to events so even when it’s at a busy restaurant, you can maintain that intimate privacy setting without losing the great food and atmosphere you desire.