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Chandler Wedding Venues

For a beautiful wedding venue in Chandler, AZ, contact one of these preferred Chandler wedding venues. A wedding venue can be one of the most important details of your wedding. Before deciding on flowers, food, and entertainment, you have to decide on where everything will take place! Browse through our list of trusted wedding venues to find a venue that is not only beautiful, but that also has experience helping couples plan their wedding day with ease. These fine venues will provide you with a team of experienced staff members to help you coordinate the wedding day events, as well as beautiful suites to provide you with the perfect space to get ready and take pictures before your guests arrive. No matter your style, there are unique Chandler wedding venues perfect for the wedding you’ve always dreamed of!   

Chandler Wedding Planning Tips

Chandler is a beautiful scenic location and  is an extremely popular place for tourists, travelers, and even locals. You don’t want to find your dream venue only to find that it is already booked on your wedding day! Because of this, we recommend you book your Chandler wedding early.

Finding The Right Wedding Photographer & Videographer in Chandler 

We are certain you will want to remember your special day forever. Hiring the right wedding photographer and/or videographer can help you do just that. It can be a daunting task trying to find someone to entrust your wedding photos with. You may not know where to start! We recommend you compare photograph package contents and prices between photographers. It’s also imperative you consider the number of photographers you want to hire, the size of the venue, and how much of your event you want to be photographed (E.g, the ceremony, pre-wedding activities, the reception, or all three.)

Decorating a Chandler Wedding 

The first step in planning your wedding decorations is to find your rental location! Once determined, we recommend you choose decorations that complement the location you’ve chosen; this will give your location a sophisticated and cohesive appearance. Don’t forget the flowers! It’s imperative to find the perfect florist for your wedding. Your florist should work with you in choosing your favorite flower breed and color. Creating some D.I.Y. decorations are also a great way to save money, and a great way to get yourself even more excited for your special day. Making homemade decorations with your future spouse can also be an incredibly fun date experience you two are sure to love.

Ensuring the Best Guest Experience with Food 

Arizona is known for having some of the best wedding bakeries and caterers in the industry. If you have a specific caterer in mind, we recommend you choose a wedding venue that does not offer in-house catering. Otherwise, it’s worth considering a venue that offers a package of venue, in-house catering, and an in-house bar. Spend time picking your perfect wedding cake! Whether complex or simple, elegant or classic, wedding cakes are very impressive nowadays, so we’re confident you can get your hands on the wedding cake of your dreams.

Pros & Cons of Hiring a Chandler Wedding Planner 

Hiring a wedding planner can help alleviate some of the inevitable stress that comes with planning a wedding. You can very well allow them full control of planning. However, if you’re a little craftier and more hands-on, you can simply hire them to assist you when or where you need help; like a wedding mentor!

Day-Of Mechanics: Hair & Makeup 

Now for everyone’s favorite part in wedding planning: the glamor! In choosing your makeup artist and hairstylist, it’s extremely important to look at their reviews. Some things to take note of are how satisfied their past clients were, if their styles and looks they offer, and their prices. Most makeup artists and stylists will have a portfolio you can look through. Make sure you choose someone who matches whatever style you’re looking to achieve!

What About Entertainment? 

Now it’s time to choose the band you want to play at your wedding! Decide whether you would like to hire a DJ, or a musician (think acoustic guitarist, string ensemble, mariachi, classical, etc.). Give their music a listen before hiring to ensure their sound matches the energy and tone you want your wedding to have.

Consider Weather When Booking Your Chandler Wedding Venue 

Taking the weather into consideration when planning your wedding is pivotal! Check out sunset times from previous years; you want your ceremony to take place during daylight hours. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to avoid your ceremony taking place in the summer; Arizona can get HOT! Make sure to review the climate overview for the location you choose. Make note of any possible rain, humidity, and temperature expectations.

Traveling to Your Chandler Wedding Venue 

If you’ll be traveling to Chandler, it’s important to remember that your guests likely will be as well. We recommend you provide them with a travel itinerary. In doing this, you’ll be ensuring them a stress-free travel experience. Consider reserving a block of rooms at whatever hotel you designate. This can help save you and your guests money. Research travel time, high city traffic times, and expectations. Make sure you supply your guests with addresses to all locations for pre-wedding events, the ceremony venue, and the reception venue. We also recommend you include directions from the designated hotel to all locations.

Best Places to Get Married in Chandler

Chandler wedding venues offer some of the loveliest wedding and reception sites to choose from. Golf resorts that have weddings, wedding venues that accommodate large weddings, and unique wedding locations offer the engaged couple a variety of choices for their wedding day.

Country Club & Golf Course Wedding Venues in Chandler 

Country club wedding venues in Chandler are a popular choice, as are golf club weddings! These venues offer an abundance of space. At a country club or golf club wedding, you’re able to host your ceremony and reception at the same venue; allotting more money to be spent on other aspects of your wedding.

Garden & Greenery Wedding Venues in Chandler 

Garden and greenery venues are another popular choice for a wedding. The abundance of plants, flowers, and foliage creates a beautiful and natural scenery for your ceremony. There are countless wedding venues with gardens in Chandler.

Luxury Wedding Venues in Chandler 

If you’re looking for a classy and royal wedding venue, one of the many luxury wedding venues in Chandler is a perfect choice. You’re likely to feel like a princess!

Mansion Wedding Venues in Chandler 

If you’re willing to splurge on your venue, any of the local mansion wedding venues in Chandler could be the perfect place for your wedding! Any of these beautiful locations is sure to leave you and your guests in awe.

Moderately Priced Wedding Venues in Chandler 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to save some cash on your venue, there is quite an abundance of moderately priced wedding venues in Chandler! While they may be slightly less expensive, they are just as beautiful and coveted as any of the other options.

Mountain & Desert View Wedding Venues in Chandler

Mountain and desert view weddings are a stunning and scenic choice for your wedding venue. You and your guests will be glad to connect with nature. Thankfully, Arizona is home to dozens of mountain view wedding venues in Chandler.

Hotel & Resort Wedding Venues in Chandler

Having your wedding hosted at a hotel or resort offers many conveniences that other venues may not have. They offer a special discounted room rate for your guests, usually in an indoor temperature-controlled environment (great for the hot summer), they can take off a lot of planning pressure by providing a list of vendors to choose from for all of your wedding needs, and they have affordable packages.

Industrial & Modern Wedding Venues in Chandler

Industrial and modern wedding venues in Chandler are ideal settings for nuptials since their "blank canvas" interiors may be decorated in any way to represent the couple's own flair. Not to mention that wood beam ceilings and exposed brick are some of what is in style, right now.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Chandler

Arizona is full of options for getting married in the open air. Outdoor wedding venues in Chandler offer some of the best views and picturesque backdrops in the whole state. One of the great things about outdoor venues is that there is a wide variety for capacity. You can have a small intimate wedding or a large elaborate wedding and everything in between, there is an option for everyone. Whether you are from the area or looking for a great destination wedding, outdoor venues in Flagstaff can be the perfect place to make your dream wedding come true.

Rustic, Barn, & Farm Wedding Venues in Chandler

Rustic wedding venues in Chandler are a popular choice because of the genuine country charm they radiate. A barn wedding venue can be a far more intimate and rustic option for some. A farm could be the perfect location if you're hoping for a more relaxed, country vibe during your wedding.

Unique Wedding Venues in Chandler

If you're ready to go outside the box when it comes to where to hold your wedding, you'll be glad to hear that Chandler is home to plenty of extraordinary wedding venues, so you're sure to find one near you. There are plenty of unique wedding venues in Chandler, so don't be limited by conventional assumptions of what is or isn't an appropriate setting.

Vintage & Historic Wedding Venues in Chandler

Vintage wedding venues in Chandler with history in their bones have a timeless and easily romantic feel to them. The charm oozes off the “once was” from these beautifully kept or restored sites. Imagine the likes of who came before, and you standing in the same spot as some celebrities and debutants from the past. Historic and vintage venues have the elegance of the past and grandeur of the present all rolled into one. They are some of the best places to be wed anywhere in the state and even the whole US.

All Inclusive Wedding Venues in Chandler

Choosing all-inclusive wedding venues can remove a lot of stress from the planning process. Don't sweat the small stuff; wedding packages are a good way to roll all your planning into one. These venues go above and beyond by including extras in their wedding packages to make sure you have the best day ever. Take some of the load off your shoulders by choosing a wedding package that covers everything you'll need.

DIY Wedding Venues in Chandler

Some event spaces already have a defined aesthetic, but others provide a clean slate where you can unleash your creative juices. These DIY wedding venues are ideal for adding a personal touch to your special day; decorate them with your favorite items and photos of loved ones to make them feel like a reflection of your personality.

Waterfront Wedding Venues in Chandler

Being by the water is quite romantic. Maybe it's the sun reflecting off the water, the breathtaking sunsets, or the refreshing breeze that always seems to sweep through your hair at the perfect moment. Waterfront wedding venues will provide a stunning backdrop, whether by a lake, river or the open sea and Flagstaff has some of the best.

Globally Inspired Wedding Venues in Chandler

Instead of planning a destination wedding, why not have your ceremony in a local venue that draws inspiration from around the world? These globally inspired wedding venues bring the décor and traditions of other countries right to your celebrations. Bring your fairytale wedding to you in one of these locations so that all your friends and family can celebrate without the added cost of having to travel a long distance. The cultural environment you are looking for doesn’t have to be that far away.

Restaurant Wedding Venues in Chandler

There are many interesting Arizona wedding venues beyond the standard banquet hall; if you're having a reception, consider booking your favorite local restaurant. Your guests will surely be delighted if you choose among well-known restaurant wedding venues for their cuisine to host your celebration.