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Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass

Plan the perfect wedding day at Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass.    Our Phoenix venue is personal and well appointed, offering gorgeous mountain backdrops and professional wedding planning services. The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa, Arizona's... [ Read More ]
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Chandler, AZ

Crowne Plaza Phoenix - Chandler Golf Resort

Situated in the heart of the desert, Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort is the jewel of Downtown Chandler. Our Resort has been home to countless unforgettable weddings since 1912.     We pride ourselves on highly polished service & expertise that will help... [ Read More ]
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Hotel & Resort Wedding Venues in Chandler

With its breathtaking landscape and a unique wave of greenery, Chandler has become one of the most beautiful spots to spend time in Arizona. This century-old city, which once had its roots in ranching, is now home to some of the finest attractions in the Four Corners region. In this city, you can expect to find beauty in its bustling nightlife scene, the wide range of parks that kids will never be able to get enough of, and various other interests.

With so much to do in Chandler, there are of course many magnificent hotels and resorts to stay and relax. This makes it a great place for a wedding venue as well.  Where its blue lakes and dense forests in the area are bound to leave you speechless, in Chandler, there is always something for everyone. To have a central place for all your guests to come back to after a day of exploring the city or just enjoying amenities in one place, look no further than a hotel and resort wedding venue in Chandler. Letting one of these venues host your big day will make sure that all your guests are entertained and impressed from start to finish. 

Benefits of a Hotel & Resort Wedding

There are few better places to tie the knot than a hotel or resort. This ease is generally because both locations often tailor-fit their services towards those walking down the aisle, making it tremendously easy to plan for your wedding. So, if you choose to go the extra mile with your partner and get married in a hotel or resort, you will rarely face a challenge when looking for a spa or beauty salon to help you achieve that glamorous look.

If your core goal is to have a smooth and convenient wedding, then a hotel or resort is also a fantastic venue choice. As you will likely be staying in the hotel the night before, getting to the ceremony will be simple and time efficient. This ability to quickly skip down the stairs just before your vows also reduces the need for any excess transport or vehicle hire costs, allowing you to save more money.

Once you and your partner decide to have your wedding at a hotel or resort, it will be convenient for your guests to spend the night in the same location of the wedding. Most hotels and resorts will offer excellent savings if you can guarantee that you will fill up a significant number of their rooms. This discount should allow you to put more money towards decorations, that fancy gown you want, or the suit that will have everyone clamoring to take a picture with you.

Wedding Planning Tips for Chandler Hotel and Resort Wedding Venues

Budgeting for a Hotel and Resort Wedding Venue

It’s important to coordinate a budget when planning a wedding. Before picking out your dress, decorations, and dining options, you must ensure that you have a clear picture of how much money you will spend and what you will spend it on.

In the case of a hotel and resort wedding, you will need to note how much money each room will cost and the price of the venue you are booking for the ceremony and reception. We also suggest looking into the fees for amenities, such as spas and beauty treatments, while noting how much lighter they will leave your pockets.

If you discover that these items are too expensive, don’t fret just yet. Hotels and resorts generally have an annual off-season where most of their rooms are vacant. They often offer much lower prices during this period, allowing you to spend less.

Decorating Your Hotel and Resort Venue

The options are always never-ending for wedding decorations at hotels and resorts. However, the décor you pick will generally depend on whether the ceremony will be indoors in a hotel or outdoors in the resort. In either case, we always recommend picking decorations that will match the space of your venue.

What Kind of Entertainment is Best for a Hotel and Resort Wedding?

Ensuring your guests remain entertained during your wedding is crucial for keeping the mood positive and ensuring everyone remains engaged. While the entertainment you pick will largely depend on you and your guest’s tastes, you will never go wrong hiring an entertainment company that can provide any type or style of music to keep you guests happy and engaged throughout the wedding reception . You should also feel free to add special activities to your ceremony, such as a photo booth.

How to Obtain a Marriage License in Arizona and When?

While picking out beautiful decorations and entertainers for your wedding, be sure to also carve out time in your calendar for getting a marriage license. If you choose to tie the knot in Chandler, you will need to obtain this license from the state of Arizona.

To get this license, you must apply for it in Maricopa County. If you already live in Arizona, you can quickly do this online without booking an appointment or visit. However, if you are only passing through Chandler for your wedding, you may need to apply in person at one of the four Maricopa County Clerk of the Superior Court locations.

Chandler Hotel & Resort Wedding Venues

If you and your partner decide that Chandler is the place to say your vows and are looking for a hotel and resort for your wedding, don’t hesitate to book a stay at Crowne Plaza Phoenix – Chandler Golf Resort. Since 1912, this resort has been the birthing place of various beautiful weddings and everlasting marriages.

This extensive experience in providing wedding services has made the Crowne Plaza one of the best places to fulfill your dream wedding. This resort also has a wedding specialist dedicated to helping you in all aspects of the ceremony, such as decorations, entertainment, vendors, and much more. If you want to hear more about why the Crowne Plaza is best for you, please drop them a call or leave a message. They will be glad to answer any questions you may have.