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Power up your petals – Arizona Wedding Guide to all things floral!

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Power Up Your Petals – with your Wedding Florist!

Bouquets, boutonnieres and table arrangements are only the beginning of the ways your wedding florist can use florals to add real impact to your wedding decor. Here are a few more ideas to consider:

  • Make a Major Statement – Ask your florist to create a stunning floral wall. It will serve as a gorgeous backdrop as you say your vows, and you can use it afterwards for photos of you and your guests.
  • Do the Unexpected – There’s certainly nothing wrong with peonies and roses, but if you’d like to have your arrangements be a bit more exotic, you could go tropical (think Anthuriums, Protea and Red Ginger) or maybe choose a monochromatic theme in all white or your favorite color.
  • Go Edible – Work with your wedding florist and caterer to add edible blooms to your cocktails, salads, entrees or desserts. Flowers that have been crystallized with sugar can add an extra sparkly touch.
  • Amp Up the Architecture – Does your venue have an elegant staircase, fountain, archways, a charming gate or other interesting architectural features? Think how much more beautiful they will be when they’re adorned with fresh flowers!
  • Get Inspiration from Above Having garlands or floral sprays hung from the ceiling or chandeliers will treat your guests to a real “wow” factor as they enter your reception.
  • Think Texture – Adding pampas grass, succulents, ferns, berries or different types of greenery can take your arrangements to the next level.
  • Pick Palms – Palm fronds are so elegant in their simplicity. Consider having your wedding florist place a single frond on each dinner plate with your menu on top or having tall vases displaying multiple fronds. 

Now that we know how to take your wedding florals to the next level – let’s book your Arizona Wedding Florist!

arizona wedding florist bouquet arizona wedding florist bouquets bridesmaids arizona wedding florist bouquets bridesmaids


Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Florist

When choosing a florist, it is a good idea to plan the aesthetics of your special day. For example, will the wedding ceremony and reception be inside or outside, in a church or a forest? Will there be a theme? For instance, you could have a renaissance or culturally inspired styled-theme. You can also choose to keep it classic  and perhaps have a ceremony only. Next, consider the time of year for the type of flowers you desire for your big event. It is easier if the flowers are in season since it may be more costly and time-consuming if the florist has to special order.

Then decide what your wedding party will wear and the color scheme. Typically, the bridesmaid flower bouquets and groomsmen’s boutonnieres will match the colors of their wedding attire. So naturally, the bride will want specific flowers in their bridal bouquet, which the florist will design. Table decorations often match the color scheme of the wedding party and the bride’s bouquet, but it’s not necessary.

The final step is considering a budget for what you want and can afford. Since items can add up quickly, it is a good idea to do some research and get some prices and recommendations before deciding on a florist. When contacting a florist, let them know your wedding style to ensure they can accommodate you and will give you the best prices.


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