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Tips for planning your wedding quickly – a 2 year engagement doesn’t work for everyone!

Planning your wedding quickly in Arizona

You’re engaged! Congrats! Now the real work begins and planning a wedding under a standard timeline gives you about two years worth of to-dos! Below we have insider tips for how to make the magic happen in less than 1 year. All the most important tips to planning your wedding quickly! Now let’s be real, we know that not everyone’s schedule allows for even one full year of planning. So if you want solid help planning your wedding – reach out to any of our favorite local Arizona wedding planners – they will get you walking down the aisle in no time!

You can always reference our Full Wedding Planning Timeline for a great guide on standard wedding planning!


Planning your wedding quickly in Arizona

1. Secure your Venue

Try to have an open mind when browsing venues in short notice, typically having an ideal week in mind is our best tip for couples planning with limited time. Be open to unusual dates, like a Monday for example. It might be the only date left on a venue’s calendar and they might be able to strike you a deal! Or consider a Friday, it wouldn’t be that unusual for your guests to consider taking the day off for your big day! It’s important to secure this first step before moving on, as you need a date and a place before you move on to step 2!


2. Let’s get those Invites out!

Traditionally you send these out 6-8 weeks pre-wedding to allow for optimal time to recieve RSVP’s etc. So we recommend allowing yourself at least 2-3 months of planning time to get things in order. Try to stick with sending your invites out within the 6-8 week range, you will find that your out-of-town guests and even nearby relatives need a bit of time to sort out their affairs for the celebration, be it a baby-sitter or a flight!


Planning your wedding quickly in Arizona


3. Keep your total Budget in mind – at all times

Planning a wedding in such a short time will feel like your blowing your budget all at once! When you stretch it out of the traditional two years, you can forget oh yeah, I did book that $$$ live singer, etc. Keeping an idea of what you’re spending on your wedding is always important – no matter the timeline! Know what you have left and what you’re comfortable still taking on. It will ease your conversations with vendors when you know exactly what you can spend.


Planning your wedding quickly in Arizona


4. Remember to ask for HELP!

Solo wedding planning is neither fun nor resourceful! Book a wedding planner if it’s in your budget – and let me tell you from experience, it should be at the top of your list! At the very least get your partner involved and or your good friends! It’s always more fun and easy to check-off your to-dos with a team!


5. Get started today – Browse Venues & Vendors


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