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The Best Seasons for Weddings in Arizona

A bride and groom pose beside a tall tree in Arizona and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes; the dreamy haze of the photo fades to white at the bottom, with superimposed peach-colored words that read, “Best Seasons for Arizona Weddings”
A bride and groom pose beside a tall tree in Arizona and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes; the dreamy haze of the photo fades to white at the bottom, with superimposed peach-colored words that read, “Best Seasons for Arizona Weddings”

In Arizona, the best wedding seasons are considered by most to be fall and spring. Anyone familiar with our scorching Phoenix summers, where temperatures often soar above 115 degrees, understands why. Saying “I do” under the blazing sun isn’t exactly the dream. But fall and spring? That’s the sweet spot. The weather’s nice—not too hot or cold—perfect for outdoor weddings and parties.

If a summer or winter wedding is more your style, don’t worry; we’ve got a plan to make it work for you. So, dive into our wedding tips to pinpoint the best time to get married in Arizona.

Planning for your wedding involves anticipating the unpredictable nature of Arizona weather, so it’s crucial to prepare for various scenarios. Research local attractions and activities, ensuring you and your guests have ample entertainment before and after the wedding. Don’t overlook the importance of enjoying yourself and making the most of your special day!

Whether you’re a seasoned Arizona local or orchestrating your destination Arizona wedding soon, staying updated on the latest seasonal tips is key to taking advantage of the best, most magical wedding season for your nuptials.

a bride in a long dress crouches next to a bush with light pink flowers

Plan Early and Book in Advance!


The Arizona wedding season is slightly different from that of the rest of the country, so it is important to plan early! If you know you love the look of a fall wedding in our dreamy desert escapes, you will want to coordinate your venue tours and get that date locked in! October stands as the best and most popular month for the fall wedding season in Arizona. Book your venue early and make sure to secure your vendors as well. Communicate with your vendors to ensure that all the details are in place. Early planning is key for a beautiful fall wedding in Arizona.

Insider Hint! Some venues will be fully booked in October for up to two years in advance!


If you’re looking to plan an Arizona spring wedding, consider selecting a date in March or April before the outdoor temperatures reach the triple digits! We find that April is our most popular month in the spring season for local weddings. The desert landscape is in full bloom, the weather is perfect, and the sunsets are stunning. Plus, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun without the intense heat of the desert.

A torso shot of a bride, which focuses on the bouquet of light-colored roses and assorted greenery

Go North or South for Easier Temperatures!


From October through April, the Phoenix Metro area boasts nearly perfect weather, with daytime temperatures ranging from 60-80 degrees. If you’re envisioning a summer wedding and are a true summer enthusiast, explore venues in northern or southern Arizona for the best summer wedding season experience!

Summers in both locations offer an escape from your typical Phoenix 100+ temps! Due to their moderate temperatures, Northern Arizona and Southern Arizona are popular summer wedding destinations. The former is known for its cooler mountain air, and the latter for its dry, desert heat. For couples looking for the best time to get married in Arizona, summer in both locations offers a unique and ideal setting.


If you’re dreaming of a romantic white winter wedding in Northern Arizona, you’re in luck! The state experiences annual snowfall, making it an ideal location for your dream winter wedding. Head north to explore Prescott, Sedona, or Flagstaff venues for some of the best scenes for a winter wedding season!

Prescott and Sedona showcase some of the most breathtaking scenery globally, with snow-capped mountains, pine forests, and clear blue skies, creating a magical atmosphere for your special day. Flagstaff also boasts a range of unique wedding venues to make your wedding truly unforgettable.

Insider Hint! Prescott typically has the most snowfall in February-March!

Get Creative With Your Timing!

If the desert heat is a concern, but you’re determined to have a summertime wedding, consider adjusting the traditional afternoon timeline to better accommodate the temperature

Explore the option of hosting a brunch wedding or a twilight affair! Brunch weddings typically take place earlier in the day, while twilight affairs are held in the evening. These alternatives offer the best chance for a cooler and more enchanting summer wedding season atmosphere for your special celebration.

Both options offer the chance to enjoy outdoor activities, such as taking wedding photos or enjoying a reception outside. Plus, they can accommodate guests who may not be comfortable attending an outdoor event during the day.

Best Wedding Seasons

Insider Hint! Brunch weddings might get you a discount at some venues since such an arrangement makes it possible for the venue to host another event later that same day!

Consider Your Colors!

Don’t fight your color scheme; find a season that best complements your taste and color palette to really wow your guests! Having yellow sunflowers at your winter wedding might be a tough choice, as the flowers are out of season and the colors might clash with your natural backdrop. If you have a color palette that you’re in love with, try to match it with your ideal season for the best wedding season experience!

Hot Wedding Colors by Season:

Shades of violet, blush, and airy greens

During springtime, couples are drawn to ethereal shades of violet, blush, and green. Infusing the atmosphere with a sense of freshness and romance, these colors are reminiscent of blossoming flowers and new beginnings.

Shades of purple, magenta, and teal

As one of the most popular wedding seasons, fall is a time when opulent hues come alive. With deeper purples and hues of magenta and teal, fall color schemes evoke warmth, elegance, and a sense of mystery, making it the best wedding season for those looking for a romantic and timeless celebration.

Shades of ripe berries, dusty blues, and yellows

Summer weddings, with their sunny disposition, embrace shades of ripe berries, soothing dusty blues, and cheerful yellows, creating a vibrant and lively ambiance under the sun’s glow.

Shades of red, gold, deep blues, and silver

Winter invites a regal and enchanting atmosphere with a palette featuring deep reds, glistening golds, deep blues, and silvers. These winter hues evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication, transforming the wedding into a dazzling winter wonderland.

With each seasonal color palette, couples can express their unique style, capturing the essence of the season in a visually stunning and cohesive way. Depending on your preference, each season could be considered the best wedding season for creating a truly personalized and memorable Arizona celebration.

An Arizona bride and groom interact happily amidst red trees and fallen leaves

Ready to Start? Arizona’s Finest Wedding Sites and Services Can Help!

Arizona’s diverse landscape offers a range of options for couples seeking the best wedding backdrop, no matter the season. Whether you’re captivated by the vibrant colors of fall, the blooming flowers of spring, the warm summer temperatures, or the snowy landscapes of winter, careful planning ensures you have the best experience, no matter what time of year you decide to get married in Arizona. Take advantage of our wedding timeline guide and let us help you find the perfect venue and vendors for your wedding!

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