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Best Seasons in Arizona to plan your wedding – consider everything from temp to views!

Did you know that Arizona’s wedding seasons are actually Fall and Spring? If you are an Arizona native you might have assumed that, considering our Phoenix summer average of 115+ degrees! Read on to discover Arizona wedding tips to plan the best time to get married in Arizona.

Best Arizona Seasons for Weddings!

Whether you are a seasoned Arizona local or planning your destination Arizona wedding here soon, stay up on the latest seasonal tips to enjoy your best day!

Arizona wedding seasons

Plan Early and Book in Advance!

FALL WEDDING SEASON – The Arizona wedding season is slightly different from the rest of the country, therefore it is so important to plan early! If you know you love the look of a fall wedding in our dreamy desert escapes, know that you will want to coordinate your venue tours and get that date locked in! Typically October is our most popular wedding month in the fall!

Insider Hint! Some venues will be fully booked in October for up to two years in advance!

SPRING WEDDING SEASON – If you’re looking to plan a Arizona spring wedding, consider selecting a date in March or April before the outdoor temperatures reach into the triple digits! We find that April is our most popular Spring month for local weddings.

Go North or South for easier temps

SUMMER WEDDING SEASON – The Phoenix Metro area is home to almost perfect weather from October through April every year with temps ranging from 60-80 during the day. If you’re a summer loving person and are dreaming of a summer wedding, considering looking at Northern or Southern Arizona venues! Summers in both locations offer an escape from your typical Phoenix 100+ temps!

WINTER WEDDING SEASON – Couples looking for a dreamy white winter wedding, Northern Arizona believe it or not, for the nonlocal, gets annual snow! Head North to tour Prescott, Sedona or Flagstaff venues and you may just get a powdery white wedding day!

Insider Hint! Prescott typically has the most snowfall in February-March!

Get creative with your timing

If the heat of the summer has you down, but you are set on a summer wedding consider altering the typical afternoon wedding timeline to suit the temperature. Host a brunch wedding or a twilight affair!

Insider Hint! Brunch weddings might get you a discount at some venues as they can still host another wedding later that same day!

Consider your colors

Don’t fight your color scheme, find a season that best compliments your taste and color palette to really wow your guests! Having yellow sunflowers at your winter wedding might be a tough choice as the flowers are out of season and the colors might clash with your natural backdrop. If you have a color pallet that you’re in love with try to match it with your ideal season!

Hot Wedding colors by Season!


Shades of violet, blush & airy greens


Shades or richer purples, magenta, & teals


Shades or ripe berries, dusty blues & yellows


Shades or reds, golds, deep blues & silvers

Sample Spring Palette!

Arizona seasons for weddings


Seasonal Arizona Sunrise and Sunset Times

Arizona seasons for weddings

Search for your venue after reading our Arizona seasons for weddings tips!


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