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Cake Couture – Trends in Wedding Cake Styles – Frosting and Beyond!

Everyone is familiar with fashion trends, but there are trends in wedding cakes, too! That’s because cake designers love to get creative and come up with fresh new ideas. Here are a few of the top wedding cake styles this season:


Wedding Cake Styles


Layer Over Layer

Why have just one layer of delicious frosting when you can have two? This style adds a second, partial layer of frosting over the original one.

Flower Power

This romantic look features edible flowers that have been crystallized with sugar and artfully applied to the frosting.

Great Geometrics

Who said wedding cakes always have to have round layers? Geometric shapes lend a whole new angle to cake decorating.

Marvelous Mosaics

Do you love the exotic look of mosaic tile? Now, you can have the same colorful designs added to your wedding cake.

Pearl Perfection

Pearls aren’t just for jewelry. Your cake designer can add edible sugar pearls to transform your cake from being simply beautiful to being stunningly glamorous! 

Watercolor Wonders

Whether you prefer pretty pastels or more dramatic darker shades, hand painted watercolors can turn your cake into a real work of art.


Basic Black

Cakes covered in smooth black fondant have an air of formal elegance, especially when they’re accented with metallic touches.

Tantalizing Textures

There are many ways to add beautiful, detailed textures to your cake, including rows of rosettes and ruffled or deckled edges.

Sensational Stone

Do you love the rich look of marble?  Just ask your cake vendor to recreate it on one or more layers of your cake.

Gorgeous Geodes

Through the magic of rock candy, your cake decorator can make it look as though your wedding cake just split open to expose a glistening geode inside.


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