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Best places to get married in Sedona – Arizona’s Unique Wedding Destination

A bride and groom kiss atop one of Sedona’s red rocky cliffs with superimposed words that read “The best of Sedona Weddings”

Discover the most enchanting places to get married in Sedona! We’ve curated a list of the finest venues that perfectly capture the breathtaking beauty of this awe-inspiring destination. Let these top recommendations guide you to the most picturesque spots, ensuring your special day is nothing short of magical. With stunning mountain views and unparalleled scenery, Sedona promises the ideal backdrop for the wedding of your dreams! But don’t take our word for it. These Sedona brides can speak for these unique wedding venues.

1. Agave of Sedona – Wedding and Event Center

“It was better than I could have imagined!!
The venue was absolutely beautiful, and the staff did such an excellent job right from the beginning. The day went so smoothly.” – TORI

A classy dining hall at Agave of Sedona — Wedding and Event Center with light-colored chairs and table settings in the foreground and dark-colored chairs and a Sedona landscape are visible through large windows in the background

Atop a hill, Agave of Sedona – Wedding and Event Center is among the best unique places to get married in Sedona. This venue reflects its owners’ vision by using natural materials inspired by Sedona’s Red Rock formations. Built with sun-baked adobe bricks, this Sedona wedding venue features an outdoor Ceremony Terrace representing earth, fire, air, and water. The large windows in the Montage ballroom showcase stunning views of the Red Rock formations. Committed to being eco-friendly, the venue uses solar power, adding a special touch to every event. The experienced staff ensures everything runs smoothly, making your wedding day truly magical and memorable.

2. Poco Diablo Resort

“Hands down, the most PERFECT & BEAUTIFUL place to be married: Poco Diablo resort in Sedona, AZ. We had stayed here before and really enjoyed it, but when we arrived on our wedding day and saw how gorgeous the property was prepared for our special day, we were SO HAPPY and excited. The property was very clean, the landscaping was gorgeous and well maintained, the rooms were beautiful with gorgeous views, the new restaurant/bar and umbrellas were extremely nice…” – VALERIE

Poco Diablo Resort stands out as an idyllic and picturesque haven for couples seeking the perfect place to get married in Sedona. Renowned for its unparalleled beauty and exceptional service, the resort offers a seamless blend of modern comfort and natural charm.

White chairs, some adorned with purple tulle, sit in rows on either side of a grassy wedding aisle with a flowery arch outdoors with Sedona’s Red Rock formations in the background at Poco Diablo Resort

Keep reading for more unique wedding venues in Sedona!

3. Sky Ranch Lodge

In Sedona’s heart, Sky Ranch Lodge embodies the romantic allure of Red Rock Country, making it one of the prime places to get married in Sedona. To the west, captivating sunsets with Brins Mesa and Jerome’s ghost town add charm, while the east and south showcase Snoopy Rock, Cathedral Rock, and Bell Rock’s transformative beauty.

As night falls, the sky becomes a canvas of pinks, oranges, and reds, followed by Sedona’s lights shimmering below. The celestial spectacle repeats at dawn, awakening Red Rock Country to a new day of splendor. Sky Ranch Lodge, hosting weddings for up to 150 guests, promises an unforgettable outside wedding venue experience in Sedona’s mesmerizing landscape.

4. L’Auberge de Sedona

Discover the enchanting L’Auberge de Sedona, perfect for soulful and picturesque weddings. Alongside Oak Creek Canyon, it offers diverse accommodations with breathtaking vistas for an ideal backdrop to your celebration of love, making it one of the top wedding venues outside in Sedona. Renowned for culinary excellence, Cress on Oak Creek provides a range of dining experiences, adding a flavorful touch to your wedding festivities.

Experience bliss at L’Apothecary Nature Spa, a serene haven offering rejuvenating spa treatments tailored to your needs. This sanctuary, with its scenic allure, fosters intimate connections through activities like creekside yoga, stargazing, and crystal explorations, creating profound moments for couples and guests. Have an unforgettable wedding celebration at one of the best places to get married in Sedona, where nature’s magic and curated offerings combine for a truly memorable event.

5. Amara Resort & Spa

Amara Resort Hotel & Spa, located in Sedona’s uptown area, offers a sophisticated blend of modern luxury and natural charm for weddings. The guest rooms provide a lavish experience with balcony views of the area’s red rocks or gardens, making it a unique wedding venue in Sedona. Enjoy exquisite dining, relax by the infinity pool, and indulge in spa treatments or yoga classes.

With its stunning outdoor courtyard surrounded by sculpted Red Rocks, the resort has established itself as one of the premiere places to get married in Sedona. A rehearsal dinner or farewell luncheon at SaltRock Southwest Kitchen can also be arranged. Combined with the enchanting beauty of Sedona, Amara Resort creates a unique and memorable celebration.

6. The Club at Seven Canyons

Elevate your Sedona wedding experience at The Club at Seven Canyons, where stunning inside and outside wedding venues and event spaces set the stage for your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. Our dedicated on-site Event Coordinator collaborates seamlessly with your event planner, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail. Delight in the enchanting surroundings as you celebrate this momentous occasion with those who matter most, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

7. Los Abrigados Resort & Spa

Discover a tranquil haven nestled against the banks of the renowned Oak Creek, a secluded piece of Sedona’s enchanting paradise that stands among the top places to get married in Sedona. The captivating views and idyllic surroundings make it an irresistible choice for couples seeking the perfect backdrop for their dream wedding. As you immerse yourself in the foothills of Arizona’s Red Rock Country, you’ll find a sanctuary that not only exceeds expectations but also creates an unforgettable canvas for the celebration of your love.

8. Red Agave Resort

For couples seeking a unique wedding venue in Sedona, Red Agave Resort offers a picturesque outdoor setting and comfortable accommodations for guests. Surrounded by stunning views, it creates an intimate backdrop for a memorable celebration in the beauty of Sedona.

With breathtaking views of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte, Red Agave Resort is a top choice for places to get married in Sedona. The resort offers charming two-story chalets and studios, each featuring a kitchenette and easy access to an outdoor grill for convenient snacks and meals. The courtyard, adorned with a zero-entry pool, two hot tubs, and a nightly s’mores-filled fire pit, provides a peaceful retreat for couples seeking a romantic atmosphere. Explore nearby hiking and biking trails leading into the Coconino National Forest for days of adventure and create lasting memories in this picturesque venue.

9. Sedona Golf Resort

Discover the enchanting embrace of Sedona Golf Resort, one of the premier places to get married in Sedona, where your love story unfolds against stunning mountain views. Exchange vows on the meticulously maintained golf course, offering both indoor and outdoor options for up to 150 guests. Renowned for its breathtaking charm, the venue consistently earns a four-star rating from Golf Digest, making it an exceptional choice for couples seeking a picturesque and memorable setting for their dream wedding in Sedona.

The recently renovated Juniper Bar & Grille adds sophistication, making it ideal for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holiday parties, or corporate gatherings. Experience the magic of Sedona Golf Resort, where nature’s beauty and matrimonial joy blend for an unforgettable celebration.

Let Arizona’s Finest Wedding Sites and Services Help You Find the Best Places to Get Married in Sedona!

Discover Sedona’s captivating places to get married with stunning mountain views, enchanting outdoor venues, and unique wedding experiences. Whether surrounded by red rock formations, alongside the serene flow of Oak Creek, or on a meticulously maintained golf course, each venue in Sedona offers a unique charm for your dream wedding. Elevate your celebration in Sedona, where love is embraced by nature, creating cherished moments that will last a lifetime. Arizona’s Finest Wedding Sites and Services can help you select the perfect venue for your taste.

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