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Arizona Destination Weddings All Year Long: Go North or Head South

Destination Arizona Weddings

You’ll find beautiful areas in Tubac, Tucson, Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff and Phoenix Metro for your Arizona destination weddings. 


The Seasons of Arizona can seem extreme, from the snowy San Francisco Peak of the north to the waves of heat glistening from turquoise pools in the south. Go skiing at Arizona Snowbowl and then drive down to Phoenix or Sedona to jump in a pool or Slide Rock State Park. Wherever you decide to have an Arizona destination wedding, you and your guests will have plenty to do in and around the state. Let’s look at six beautiful towns, some big-city large and some quaint and small. It will be hard to decide from them all. 

While the state is considered part of the Sun Belt of the Southwest, changes in elevation (feet above sea level) are really the deciding factor for temperatures in these different Arizona destinations for weddings. You might have a daytime temperature in the 70s but an evening temperature in the 40s in Flagstaff or Tucson. The summertime temperatures in Phoenix can be 100 to 120 degrees, and even with dry heat, it is better to have sunset or sunrise weddings. The colors of the surrounding mountains and rocks look amazing during the movements of the sun. 

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Let’s use elevation and seasons to describe the best of these different towns. First, so that you know Arizona, here are the towns, cities, and villages, starting with the most northern and heading down south. 

Arizona Destination Weddings:


Flagstaff, Arizona

6,910 feet above sea level is in the north of the state, Flagstaff is the gateway town to Grand Canyon National Park. Grand Canyon National Park is an hour’s drive north of Flagstaff. 

Flagstaff is surrounded by ponderosa pine trees and is a Dark Sky City, meaning that the night sky is luminous, perfect for its vastness and photography moments. There is so much outdoor entertainment, your guests will have a variety of activities to choose from. 

The art culture is vibrant and Route 66 whimsy creates great photo opportunities and fun excursions. Flagstaff’s perfect wedding times are spring, summer, and fall.  


Sedona, Oh, Sedona! 

Beautiful red rocks Sedona is south of Flagstaff and north of Prescott, it is 4,350 feet above sea level. Home of the beautiful red rocks and winding Verde River, it is an outdoor lover’s paradise. 

Sedona’s vibes and spiritual awakenings are perfected here. Some people marry in this town and decide to never leave. While the surrounding area is world-renowned for nature activities, people come here to restore their bodies and spirits. 

The famed vortex sites are here in Sedona. While yoga and meditation can be done on the red rocks, worship and weddings occur at the famed Chapel of the Holy Cross as well as many other venues with stunning red rock views. Sedona’s perfect wedding times are spring and fall. 


Prescott is Perfect

Prescott is north between Phoenix and Flagstaff, it is 5,367 feet above sea level. This town meshes history with contemporary, music, poetry, and art. It has the cowboy and Old West feel and comfort. And it has wineries, distilleries, and breweries that mix with the different festivals all year long. This town’s perfect wedding times happen all year. 



Metropolitan Phoenix

Phoenix is in the Southern portion of the state at an elevation of 1,086 feet above sea level. This city has everything a metropolitan city should, just with better weather. There are many outstanding resorts, with pools and golf courses, to showcase any wedding. Plus, with major sports leagues in town during the winter, there are even more places to go for your guests. Perfect weddings occur in the fall, winter, and spring in Phoenix Metro. 

Tucson Art and Nature Combine

Tucson is south of Phoenix at an elevation of 2,389 feet above sea level and is another Mecca of art, nature, and beauty. The vibrant art scene is a cultural oasis with museums, galleries, and public murals. The desert landscape invokes beauty, and the festivals and exhibits are many. This town is at a higher elevation than Phoenix and enjoys four seasons of wedding bliss.  



Tubac The Village

Tubac is the furthest southern town in the state, as close to Mexico as to Tucson, yet at a higher elevation of 3,209 feet above sea level. It abounds with history and culture, and is called “the village where art and history meet”. There are historic ranches, secret gardens, as well as arts and sunsets. The local resorts offer luxurious spas and golfing. A perfect place to hold a wedding in the fall, winter, and early spring. 

All of these towns have amazing beauty and are great places for your Arizona destination wedding. 

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