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Reasons for Choosing a Wedding Catering Service

An elegant and appealing food presentation can enhance the sophistication of your wedding. Arizona’s catering professionals excel in presenting food in creative and enticing ways. Here are a few reasons why they’re essential to your wedding day plans.

1. Experience

A caterer with significant experience in wedding parties can handle the logistics and surprises that may arise.

2. Menu Flexibility

A catering company can customize its menu offerings to suit your needs, preferences, and dietary restrictions, such as allergies or vegetarian/vegan preferences.

3. Comprehensive Cost Breakdown

Regardless of your budget, a caterer will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the costs. This cost breakdown includes everything from the price per person, linens, cutlery, and glassware, bar service for the wedding reception, and service staff wages.

4. Venue Experience

When selecting an Arizona catering service, ask about their experience with your wedding venue. Their experience working at your wedding location means they’re already familiar with the site’s facilities, which can ensure smoother operations on your big day.

Choosing the Best Bar Service for Your Wedding

Bar service at a wedding refers to the serving of beverages (some often containing alcohol) to guests at a wedding reception. In Arizona, there are different types of bar service options you might consider, depending on the size, budget, and atmosphere of your wedding:

1. Open Bar

An open bar implies that all drinks served at the reception are free of cost for guests.

2. Cash Bar

A cash bar is where guests pay for some or all of their own alcoholic drinks.

3. Limited Bar

A limited bar typically includes a selection of drinks chosen by the couple. This selection might feature a few of the couple’s favorite wines and beers.

4. Dry Bar

In a dry bar, no alcoholic drinks are served. Beverages available in a dry bar may include mocktails, non-alcoholic beer, and wine, or a selection of juices, carbonated drinks, or smoothies. A wedding with dry bar service is a good option if many guests don’t consume alcohol or if the couple prefers a sober wedding.

How Do I Choose?

When it comes to finding the perfect catering, Arizona has nearly unlimited possibilities! Whether you want a gourmet meal at a luxury resort, a mouth-watering barbeque for a casual outdoor ceremony, or a perfectly beautiful wedding cake, you can find a match that you and your wedding guests will enjoy and remember for years to come.

Have a question about your wedding day plans? Ask the experts at Arizona’s Finest Wedding Sites and Services. We’re just a click away!

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Our planning guide provides helpful tips for each stage of the wedding planning process, complete with a wedding checklist, budget sheets, Q&A for vendors, and all of the information you’ll need to choose the best catering for your Arizona wedding!

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Flagstaff Wedding Caterers 

Providing your guests with food and drinks during your wedding can be a stressful and expensive task. Work with a professional Flagstaff Wedding Caterer to take away the stress and create a menu that you and your guests will love! These Flagstaff caterers will work with you to create appetizers, drinks, meals, and desserts that meet your dietary restrictions and reflect your love story as a couple. Your guests will love how delicious the food is, and how everything is specialized to reflect you and your personalities!

Flagstaff caterers will also work with your budget in order to maximize the food and drinks for your guest count. If you’re not sure how you want your wedding to be catered, talk with one of our preferred Flagstaff caterers to hear their ideas! With years of experience catering weddings in Flagstaff, AZ, they can help you to create ideas on how to best serve your guests. 

Contact the finest Flagstaff caterers today to begin planning for your wedding in Flagstaff, AZ!