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Gilbert Wedding Venues 

Plan the wedding of your dreams at one of these beautiful Gilbert wedding venues! Before deciding on the details of your big day, it’s important to choose a wedding venue that suits your style, fits your budget, and is large enough to accommodate all of your guests. Are you hoping for an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding? Do you want the wedding to feel relaxed and casual, or more upscale and formal?

These wedding venues in Gilbert, AZ not only provide a beautiful space for couples to host their wedding, but they also offer added services to ensure that the wedding day goes smoothly. Many Gilbert wedding venues offer teams to help set up and take down the wedding decorations, tables, and chairs, as well as special suites for the bridal party and groomsmen to get ready before the wedding begins. Find your dream wedding venue by searching through our featured Gilbert wedding venues.

Gilbert Wedding Planning Tips

Gilbert is a popular wedding destination in Arizona. It hosts a beautiful, dry, and moderate climate for most of the year. Because of this fact, outdoor wedding venues tend to book up fast (many months, even over a year in advance). It’s important to choose a venue that is not only within your budget, but will also provide the wedding of your dreams and an unforgettable event for you and your guests.

Finding The Right Wedding Photographer & Videographer in Gilbert

Your wedding day will create some of the best memories of your life, you can commemorate the celebration by hiring a photographer and/or videographer. They are experienced and talented at capturing the most joyous and beautiful moments. While researching Gilbert wedding photographers and videographers, consider their portfolio, the packages they offer, and how much of the event you want to be covered.

Decorating a Gilbert Wedding  

When you begin to consider how to decorate your Gilbert wedding venue, you should look into essential rentals. These services can help provide tables, chairs, linens, any architectural décor like gazebos and arches, stages, electronic equipment like microphones and lighting, jewelry, and if you're an animal lover, even puppies. There is no shortage of décor options, the sky's the limit.

The next big step in décor has to do with flowers. You’ll want to find a great florist to provide you with flowers you will love, and arrangements that will add beauty and elegance to your venue on your big day.
Maybe you also have a talented creative side and want to create some of your decorations. Gilbert has many options for crafting stores where you can find materials to make anything your heart desires and your mind can imagine.

Ensuring the Best Guest Experience with Foods

Food is a major part of a wedding, contributing to the overall guest experience and enjoyment. Arizona has no shortage of talented chefs and bakers that can assist you in this endeavor. When considering wedding cakes, think about your theme and your colors for your wedding. With so much creativity in baking, your ideal cake can come true. Some Gilbert wedding venues have in-house services they can offer for catering and all-inclusive packages with pricing.

Benefits of Hiring a Gilbert Wedding Planner

Another option to consider is hiring a wedding planner. Planning a wedding requires many tasks to be completed and sometimes requires an extra set of hands. These professionals can help ease the process and will see to it that your wishes and dreams come to life. They will handle every detail to make planning a breeze.

Day-Of Mechanics: Hair & Makeup

A bride’s hair and make-up are just as important as her dress. When choosing a beautician for your hair and make-up, be sure to consider their portfolio (do they have a style that matches the look you want?), their reviews (overall satisfaction, do they listen to input?), and finally their attitude. You’ll be spending a good amount of time with them on your wedding day, so be sure to find someone who will give you the look you desire.

What About Entertainment?

Entertainment is also important for your reception. Do you want a DJ or an entertainment company? Hiring an entertainment company will provide everything you need from lighting to music, and even special acts that will create that custom fun atmosphere you’re looking for. DJs are also a great option because they have an unlimited song base and are more likely to be able to accommodate requests. Whichever you choose, find one that caters to your tastes in music and helps create the atmosphere you desire.

Consider Weather When Booking Your Gilbert Wedding Venue

When choosing your Gilbert wedding venue, an important consideration to make is the weather. Arizona has perfect wedding weather most of the year, but the summers can be brutal averaging over 100 degrees. Summer weddings may be best held indoors, but if you choose to book an outdoor wedding, come up with amenities such as shaded areas to help your guests feel comfortable. Fall, Winter, and Spring temperatures are ideal for outdoor weddings in Arizona. For aesthetic purposes, think about scheduling your ceremony around sunset for the best photo opportunity. If so, look into anticipated sunset times for your date and dates past so you can time it perfectly.

Traveling to Your Gilbert Wedding Venue

If any of your wedding guests will be traveling to your Gilbert Wedding Venue, you can help them with their travel arrangements by making recommendations on transportation and hotels. Many hotels will allow a special group rate for wedding parties which allows your guests the best rates. Also be sure to provide all of your guests with any addresses they need for all wedding-related events, as well as traffic expectations so nobody misses any of the festivities.

Best Places to Get Married in Gilbert

Gilbert wedding venues are a great place for your wedding and reception! You'll find European-inspired wedding sites, rustic ranch wedding venues, wedding venues with lakes, and more. Conveniently located in the East Valley, South wedding places in Gilbert.

Country Club & Golf Course Wedding Venues in Gilbert

There are many perks to booking your Gilbert wedding venue to be a country club or golf course location. These places have beautifully manicured and maintained grounds where you and your guests will enjoy the amazing scenery. They also offer one location for both the ceremony and reception. Not to mention in-house catering, equipment (tables, chairs, lighting, etc.), and a recommendation of vendors which can save you a lot of time in research.

Garden & Greenery Wedding Venues in Gilbert

In Gilbert, there is a wide variety of gardens and greenery wedding venues. These venues offer lush scenery with beautiful flowers and colors, sure to create a one-of-a-kind wedding experience. These venues also offer one location for all festivities, offer a sense of luxury, and allow you to capture some amazing and unique photos.

Hotel & Resort Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Having your wedding hosted at a hotel or resort offers many conveniences that other venues may not have. They offer a special discounted room rate for your guests, usually in an indoor temperature-controlled environment (great for the hot summer), they can take off a lot of planning pressure by providing a list of vendors to choose from for all of your wedding needs, and they have affordable packages.

Industrial & Modern Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Seeking out an industrial or modern Gilbert wedding venue can offer a truly unique setting that you can’t find anywhere else. These venues are sometimes old warehouses and factories, they have many windows which allow a great deal of natural lighting. This can create some of the most uniquely amazing photo ops.

Luxury Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Choosing a luxury Gilbert wedding venue can guarantee you will receive the absolute best in customer service, gourmet cuisine from the best chefs, the highest quality in décor, and well everything else for that matter. A luxury venue is bound to make you and your guests feel welcomed and pampered.

Mansion Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Mansion wedding venues offer a unique opulence like none other. These properties are great for larger guest counts. You are also able to hold all of your festivities in one location, helping to create seamless transitions between events. Also, these venues provide a beautifully unique background for truly stunning photos.

Moderately Priced Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Moderately priced wedding venues in Gilbert exist in a variety of places. Many public attractions are available to host a wedding, for example, zoos, museums, and other privately owned unique places. Often, these places offer packages that can include everything you need to make your wedding special and memorable.

Mountain & Desert View Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Gilbert hosts many wedding venues that offer stunning views of the Arizona mountains and desert. These venues will allow you to have some of the most amazing photos you could ask for as a keepsake. The desert allows for a background that is vast and open, with plenty of plants, flowers, and gorgeous natural colors that will lend to an unforgettable wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Outdoor wedding venues are extremely popular in Gilbert for the majority of the year. Fresh air and beauty are everywhere with an open-spaced venue, and they will allow for natural aspects to be incorporated into your wedding. These venues offer space for all of your guests and can help create great photo opportunities.

Rustic, Barn, and Farm Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Perhaps you’re a little more old school or desire a more home feel from your wedding venue. Rustic, barn, and farm wedding venues are not lacking in Gilbert. These venues can offer a simpler and home-style vibe for your festivities. They are also beautiful when decorated and give a very unique and relaxed overall feel for your wedding.

Unique Wedding Venues in Gilbert

There is no shortage of unique wedding venues in Gilbert. These venues offer views and perspectives that you normally wouldn’t see at a wedding venue. Choosing a unique venue will help guarantee that you and your guests will have a one-of-a-kind experience in a place that nobody will forget any time soon.

Vintage & Historic Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Vintage and historic venues offer a classic and timeless style to your wedding day. These venues offer plenty of space, plus if you want a themed wedding reception, you would have the option to coordinate your theme around the property's history (roaring 20’s anyone!). Let’s not forget the unique architecture and features that allow you an amazing photo shoot.

All Inclusive Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Another great option to consider is all-inclusive wedding venues. These venues offer a sense of ease when it comes to wedding planning. You’ll have your venue for the ceremony and reception, catering, bar, music/entertainment, décor, and just about everything you'd need to be included in a package you choose in your budget.

DIY Wedding Venues in Gilbert

DIY or Do It Yourself venues offer you the availability to have a venue that is unique to you, decorated in your style, with your influence and personal touch throughout the venue. You have exclusive decision-making ability on all décor, colors, and arrangements, providing you with a unique opportunity for your wedding to be uniquely you.

Waterfront Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Gilbert hosts a wide range of waterfront wedding venues, including lakes, golf courses, community parks, ponds, and country clubs among others. Imagine the great photos you can get with the sun glistening off the water at sunset. Many of these venues will offer ramadas or tents for the reception and protection from the sun if needed.

Globally Inspired Wedding Venues in Gilbert

A globally inspired wedding venue can offer unique views, architecture, and scenery. Choosing a venue that is globally inspired can also offer cultural significance for the couple. Places like the Japanese Friendship Garden and Indian cultural center can offer unique settings that can be culturally relevant depending on the couple's heritage.

Restaurant Wedding Venues in Gilbert

Many Gilbert restaurants host weddings as well. Choosing this option means you will also have a caterer ready to go, one less item to check off the list. These venues are great for more intimate festivities and you can likely find a restaurant venue for any cuisine you may desire for your wedding day.