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Flora & Sanjay
Venue: Renaissance Glendale
Photographer: LightRain Images
Videographer: Beautiful Day Films
Florist: Dimyena Nancy Meshreky from California Bride
Wedding Cake: Bamboo Bakery

How did you two meet?:
During our sophomore year of college at the University of Arizona, my roommate and I decided to start a competitive Indian dance team. We were looking for good male dancers to join and Sanjay was the first in line!

How did he propose?:
It is very difficult to keep secrets from me, so Sanjay was forced to make an elaborate plan. One month before proposing, Sanjay had asked if I wanted to go to California for a weekend because his sister and her family would be vacationing there. Since we were in medical school, it was very difficult for me to take time off, so I had to decline, but Sanjay still booked his ticket. One month later, the day Sanjay was leaving for California, I received a phone call from the Student Dean of my medical school. He told me that there was a problem in the background check for my application for residency and I immediately had to go to Phoenix (a two hour drive from Tucson) to the court and get it fixed, otherwise they would cancel my application. Given that this was a personal phone call from the Student Dean of the medical school, I panicked and immediately started driving to Phoenix. While driving up I called family and friends and described to them how ridiculous the situation was. However, I noticed that my mom (who has her cell phone attached to her hip) wasn't answering her phone. Also, a lot of my friends were cutting their conversations short with me.

As I was driving I got a call from Sanjay saying that he didn’t have his wallet and they wouldn’t let him go through security at Sky Harbor International Airport. He had "remembered" that he had driven my car the day before and that "perhaps" his wallet had fallen between the seat. Low and behold, there was his wallet... with his ID. So, of course, I had to go to the airport and drop off his wallet. Then, I conveniently received a phone call from my dean saying that the court was closed and I would have to go first thing the next morning. He offered to explain to my team at the hospital where I was and why I was missing a day. I finally arrived at the airport and as I walking to security, I saw Sanjay arguing with a security officer regarding missing his flight.

Afterwards, quite honestly, is a blur! All I remember is Sanjay getting down on one knee, and I see my ENTIRE family and all of our friends pop out from nowhere! After the proposal I noticed that there were two large suitcases next to him. Sanjay and a good friend of mine had packed a bag for me for the weekend to go to Cali! Sanjay had involved the Student Dean and my team at the hospital, letting them know that I would not be at work. His planning was elaborate and confusing, but so incredibly memorable!

Were you happy with the venue?:
Incredibly happy!! Joy Rosek and her team were absolutely phenomenal. Everyone from the Renaissance Hotel was so accommodating and welcoming.

Describe the theme or color scheme of your wedding, and what you chose for your table setting at the reception:
We wanted to keep the wedding ceremony decor traditional, but beautiful. Our colors for the wedding were red and gold, with a touch of orange in the floral arrangements. For the reception I always imagined it as being a "romantic, glam" style. My colors were neutral with touches of teal and crystals. I kept the palette on the neutral side simply because I knew how colorful a room full of Indian outfits was going to be and wanted each and everyone of them to stand out against our decor!

What fun traditions or special moments did you incorporate in your day that is unique to only your wedding?:
Our wedding was a traditional, huge, Indian wedding. It was three days long with five events. It was unique in that way.

What piece of advice would you give other brides planning their big day?:
It's stressful planning a wedding no matter how big or small. Just make sure you and your significant other are comfortable and happy with each and every decision. That being said, compromise (whether it's with family or significant other) is key!

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