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Allison and Andrew
Venue: Grayhawk Golf Club
Wedding coordinator: Pat Tryhus
Officiant: My stepdad - Mike Kiefer
Photographer: Just Love Me
Florist: Fran
Wedding gown: Allure
Tuxedos: Mens Warehouse
Bridesmaids gowns: Online from Donna Morgan
Wedding cake: my husband's Dad
Invitations: Etsy
DJ: Dessert House Productions
Professional makeup: Kali McCarthy
Honeymoon: Hawaii

How did you two meet or how did he propose?:
Andrew and I started working together 6 years ago. We worked for a small hospital in Chicago doing financial work for them. We were on a small team and actually managed to hide our relationship from everyone at work for 3 years, until we got engaged. Once we were engaged, we were open about our relationship at work and were flooded with positive responses. Everyone was so happy for us. Andrew proposed to me the day we closed on our house. We signed all of our mortgage paperwork, stopped and picked up lunch, then ate lunch on our new deck at our new house. Andrew was super nervous and fidgety when we were eating lunch, but I didn't think anything of it. Then we walked into our new kitchen, and when I turned around her was down on one knee saying he can't wait to start our life together in our new home. It was a beautiful moment.

Were you happy with the venue?:
Grayhawk was the perfect place to get married. We have a lot relatives in the Scottsdale area, so my family and I have been coming to Arizona at least once a year for the last 30 years. When my dad bought a house in Grayhawk 5+ years ago, during our family trips, my dad would take us to Grayhawk (Mojo's) in the morning for coffee and breakfast. We'd sit right outside by the lake, and watch my niece chase the birds around. I have always known that I wanted to get married there. I wanted a small, intimate ceremony and reception, with just our closest friends and family. However, when Andrew and I initially got engaged, we planned a larger wedding here in Chicago. We thought maybe we wanted something bigger. After months of planning that wedding, Andrew and I both knew it didn't feel right. So we called Pat from Grayhawk and in just 90 days, she helped us plan the wedding of our dreams. Pat was WONDERFUL to work with. I never had to worry about anything. She had everything under control. Every single detail she had covered. The night of the wedding, the staff set everything up to a tee, were super polite to our guests, and cleaned up after the wedding, storing our belongings in a spare room for us to gather the next day. Everything was flawless.

Describe the theme or color scheme of your wedding, and what you chose for your table setting at the reception:
To be honest, one thing I loved about my wedding was that I didn't have a theme. I just wanted to get married and have a beautiful day. Nothing else really mattered to me. I chose bridesmaid dresses that I thought looked comfortable. They ended up being a very pale mint green. I had some mint green and purple and ivory flowers. I just wanted everything to look fresh and I wanted the scenery to speak for itself. We chose to have ivory linens over the tables, and wood chairs to accent the center pieces (which looked like longer twigs with flowers on them).

What piece of advice would you give other brides planning their big day?:
To relax and let go. I really got to enjoy every minute of my wedding (the before, the during, the after). I never was stressed or cared about small details. As a matter of fact, Pat had to email me the night before asking if I had written my vows. Whoops! It wasn't that we didn't care, it was more that we cared about each other and our guests more than the details of the wedding. Pick a person that can help you organize (maybe a mother, a friend, a wedding planner), and let them worry about the small details so you can enjoy the whole experience. Don't let the pressure of a big day ruin your big day.

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